Cleveland Immediate Function Dental Implants

One of the most attractive benefits of immediate function dental implants is the fact that you can go from having no teeth, to a fully functional set of teeth in only an hour.There is no healing time required between the surgical and restorative procedures which means the treatment time is shorter. For these reasons, there is less recovery time and overall greater comfort.If you have a particular circumstance that requires the immediate replacement of your teeth and if it is determined that you have sufficient bone density, then Cleveland implant dentist Dr. Hylan will consider this innovative treatment.

How Immediate Function Works

Historically, the placing of dental implants is comprised of two components. First, the surgical procedure takes place where the posts are implanted into the jawbone. Then after a healing time of several months, the prosthetic placement of the denture or dental appliance is attached.

With immediate function dental implants, the posts are precisely placed by computer technology. This sophisticated technology enables the posts to be positioned within the designated sites in such a way that limits the movement of the implant. The dental prosthetic product can then be placed in the same appointment.

Immediate function is not for everyone. Typically, the cost of the procedure is higher and since there is stress placed on the implant right away, the risk may be higher for dental implant failure. You definitely don’t want that to happen, so Dr. Hylan will carefully assess your case to make sure you are a good candidate to minimize the risks involved. Beware of any dentist that makes immediate function dental implants seem too easy.

Dr. Hylan only uses the highest quality products for immediate function dental implants. Straumann dental implants are the #1 dental implant products in the world and he has been trained to perform this innovative treatment in Cleveland.

Immediate Function Implants in an Hour

Immediate Function Implants in an Hour

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