Snap-on Dentures

Cleveland snap-on denture When you are missing all of your teeth, a denture is needed. Research shows the most denture patients are not happy and report problems. After several years, the jawbone shrinks causing slippage, discomfort, and reduced chewing efficiency.

A complete set of dental implants is the optimum treatment to stabilize a denture. But, they can be very expensive and may not fit into your budget. Snap-on dentures are an economical way to stabilize a denture.

The Snap-on Denture Procedure

Cost is largely based on the number of implants placed into your jawbone. With the snap-on denture procedure, only two implants are required to secure the denture.

As shown in the model to the right, two dental implants are placed into the front of the jaw. The overdentures are anchored in place by the implants.

With this method, you don’t have to worry about your denture moving around or falling out at the wrong time. Your chewing efficiency will be returned to normal and the appliance can be removed for cleaning purposes. Also, the implants stimulate bone retention preventing the bone from resorbing around the implant which helps prevent facial collapse.

Snap-on Overdenture

This cost effective option to replace missing teeth is secured by two dental implants, as shown in the model above.

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