Cleveland Teeth in an Hour

If it is determined that you have adequate bone density, then you could be a candidate to receive a new denture in one hour. Teeth in an Hour is an innovative dental implant technology was developed and is patented by Nobel Biocare, a Sweden-based company. There are other companies with similar technology, and Dr. Hylan has received the training required to place immediate function dental implants.

Teeth in an Hour is a Trademarked Procedure

Dr. Hylan does not use the trademarked Nobel Biocare Teeth in an Hour technology. But, he does perform the very similar Straumann Immediate Function dental implants. The Straumann treatment accomplishes the same result, where a patient can leave with new teeth in one appointment.

Due to the trademark that Nobel Biocare has on the Teeth in an Hour procedure, they require that every case that uses this patented technology must be shipped to their laboratory in Sweden. Ultimately, this patent adds extra cost to the procedure when shipping parts back and forth.

Pros & Cons of Immediate Function Dental Implants

Many patients are initially attracted to the thought of leaving with a new set of teeth in only an hour, but there are some important points to consider.This technology is more expensive then the conventional placement of dental implants.

  • Since there is no healing time required after the initial placement of the implants, there may be a higher risk of failure with this method.
  • The treatment utilizes computer technology combined with radiographic techniques to support the precise placement of each implant. It enables as little movement as possible in the surgical sites prepared for the implants.
  • Many patients elect not to move forward with this procedure when they find out about the extra expense and risks involved. We understand that certain circumstances warrant the need for the immediate replacement of your teeth. If indeed you are a candidate and you have concluded that the benefits outweigh the risks, we can perform it for you.

To learn more about the Straumann method that Dr. Hylan uses, please visit our page about Immediate Function dental implants.

Dr. Hylan uses Straumann dental fixtures, the top provider of dental implant fixtures in the world. We have been trained to provide this procedure in Cleveland and can help you to determine if it is right for you.
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