Missing Teeth Services at Hylan Dental

Are you suffering from missing teeth or a single missing tooth?

From constant grinding, to gum disease, to freak accidents, we understand there is a multitude of reasons that a person may have less than a full set of teeth.

In our experience, individuals with missing teeth often:

  • Have lower self-esteem
  • Are less likely to smile genuinely

Hylan Dental wants to change that. 

Our professional doctors have been assisting patients with missing teeth since 1979. That is almost 40 years of excellent dental service!

What's more, we also understand many individuals have anxiety when it comes to the dentist. There is a mindset that dental treatment is painful and dentists harshly judge your teeth.

We want to change that, too.

Our Dentists implement what is known as Gentle Techniques. That means your dental procedure will be as comfortable and pain-free as possible. We even utilize Sedation Dentistry for those truly fearful. 

With sedation dentistry, many patients have claimed to not even remember the appointment at all! Talk about eliminating anxiety!

We want each patient to look good, feel good, and chew good. It's not just about aesthetics.

With our missing teeth solutions, our ultimate goal (in addition to replacing your teeth) is boosting your confidence and returning that genuine smile.

Let's discuss all the treatment options the Best Missing Teeth Dental Clinic has to offer.

Full or Partial Dentures

For a long time now, full and partial dentures have been the go-to options for individuals missing teeth.

So what is the difference between the two of them?

Partial Dentures

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, the most affordable way is by utilizing Partial Dentures

A durable, metal frame is custom-made to fit your teeth and jawbone exactly. Meanwhile, the teeth are set in a pink acrylic that is intended to look identical to your gums.

Essentially, partial dentures fit securely to your existing teeth but can also easily be removed.


Full Dentures

If you are missing more than a single tooth or a few teeth, you could consider opting for a Full Denture

For our patients of complete dentures, our dental staff makes sure to:

  • Construct beautiful dentures that look like real teeth from a conversational distance
  • Take dental impressions
  • Consult our patients to determine the proper smile design

The goal is always for our dentures to be functional, good-looking, and most important, comfortable.

While dentures and partial dentures are fantastic, budget-friendly options, let's take a look at a couple of more luxurious options.


Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge Hylan Dental

A Dental Bridge is a fantastic option if you are missing a single tooth.

The bridge is constructed with two crowns and a false tooth suspended between them. Our Dental Professionals place crowns over the adjacent teeth, and the false tooth takes the place of your missing tooth.

Our dentists take impressions, your teeth are prepared for the crowns, and the impression is sent to a dental laboratory where the bridge is created to perfectly fit your bite and teeth.


Dental Implant

The most extensive and luxurious option is a Dental Implant.

Dental Implants are less budget-friendly than dentures and require surgery, but the aesthetics are astounding, and it will be the closest thing to having your own, healthy teeth back.

Dental Implants are considered dental miracles.

The dental implant procedure takes place in two steps:

  1. Our Dentists conduct a surgery where a titanium root is implanted into the jawbone
  2. In the restorative phase, a beautiful porcelain crown fits precisely over the implant

Important note: There is a healing period between the two faces. The titanium root needs time to set in and form a bond.

Benefits of Dental Implants include:

  • Permanent Teeth Loss Solution
  • Strong and Durable Implants
  • Superb comfort and functionality
  • Chewing efficiency drastically improves
  • Implants prevent facial collapse which can occur when an individual is missing all their teeth

 Dental Implant Missing Teeth Solution

Visit the Top-Rated Missing Teeth Dentist

It is Hylan Dental Care's ultimate goal to make sure every patient is happy and confident with their healthy smile.

We strongly recommend our patients to consider dental implants as your missing teeth solution, but if you would like to take a denture or bridge approach, we are excited to assist you on your journey to a beautiful smile.

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