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Treatment in Cleveland

When you need to replace your whole smile with artificial teeth, there is no better denture expert to visit than Hylan Dental Care!

At Hylan Dental Care, we create beautiful dentures that you will want to show off whenever you can!

With our full dentures, you will also improve your chewing, speech, bite, and overall oral health- which are all great reasons to visit Hylan Dental for a free Dentures Consultation!

Older woman smiling with dentures

At Hylan Dental Care, we don’t just do dentures. We do beautiful dentures.

They look so real that from a conversational distance, even a dentist couldn’t tell they aren’t your real teeth.

Dr. Hylan and his team especially enjoy providing this service with gentle dentistry techniques because it really helps people and restores their confidence.

When you’re so unfortunate that you lose all your teeth, you yearn to have something comfortable, functional, and good-looking, so that you feel as nearly whole again as you can.

When you are ready to replace your smile and fill in those missing teeth gaps, request an appointment with the blue button below or calling into our Cleveland office at (216) 251-8812.


Our Cleveland Location

Where is Hylan Dental Care in Cleveland?

Hylan Dental Care is located at 3447 W 117th Street.


Address: 3447 W 117th St, Cleveland, OH 44111

Phone: (216) 251-8812


     Monday: 9AM−6PM

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     Saturday: 8AM−12PM

     Sunday: Closed

*We also have 24-hour emergency dental services available. Please call our office if you are experiencing a dental emergency.

New Information

Our Secret for Beautiful Cleveland Dentures

Making quality dentures is a team effort. Dentists do the work directly with the patients, and most of the success depends on them.

They take the dental impressions, consult the patient to determine the proper smile design, and supervise all the rest of the work.

However, a lot of the ultimate beauty of the finished product depends on the laboratory technician.

We have a great laboratory technician that we have worked with for many years who can produce an absolutely beautiful finished product.

Dental Implants Stabilize Dentures

Sadly, many patients report difficulties with their dentures. Even the best-fitting dentures will move around because they rest on movable gum tissue.

Your chewing efficiency can also be reduced and discomfort can cause painful sores.

Another serious concern is facial collapse. What happens when you are missing all your teeth is that your body recognizes that the bone is no longer needed.

Snap on implant denture

So, the minerals are resorbed to be used in other areas of the body. To learn more about this process, please click on our facial collapse page.

The good news is that dental implants can be used to secure a denture. The dental implant is surgically implanted into your jawbone and the denture is then anchored in place.

You will be able to eat, talk, and go about your daily life with a newfound confidence. Most importantly, dental implants prevent facial collapse.

There are many ways that dental implants can be used to secure your denture.

Denture Smile Design at Hylan Dental

When you have a new set of dentures, one of the nice things is that you can choose your smile design. There are three basic smile design styles.

To make an appointment for beautiful dentures in Cleveland from Hylan Dental Care, please give us a call, or you can request an appointment online!

Hylan Dental Care patients love going to their dental appointments!

With over 1,600+ patient reviews and our glowing 4.8-star rating on Google, it's no wonder that patients love coming to Hylan Dental Care!

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When you are searching a Denture Dentist in Cleveland, there is no better dentistry practice to go to than Hylan Dental!

We have over 40 years of experience in the dental industry and have become the most trusted name in dental care in Northeast Ohio since 1979.

Start replacing your missing teeth and get a smile you can confidently show off with complete, full dentures!

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All of Hylan Dental Care's dental services are backed by our Family Dentistry Guarantee:

As a family-owned dentistry practice, Hylan Dental Care promises to meet (and exceed) your expectations, as we ensure proper and in-depth care for each patient we see- and we will do everything in our power to treat your dental issues right, guaranteed.

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