Understanding How Exercise Impacts your Dental Health?

Everyone says that you should work out. So it must be fantastic for the whole body, correct?

Surprisingly, not always.

However, how do you weigh the pros and the cons when it comes to overall health and dental health?

Whether you love it or not, working out is essential for keeping your body functioning healthy. While it is incredibly beneficial to relieving stress and accumulating muscle, there are down sides.

When thinking of the negative side of exercising, joint damage is a major problem that comes to mind.

Here are some of the things you should be aware of when it comes to how exercise affects your dental health.

Looking at the Negatives

People who do strength training and cardio exercise often have fantastic health.

But, in often unexpected ways, there can be negative side-effects.

One of these includes a strong risk of dental erosion and cavities.

Why is this the case?

Exercise Dental Health

A research study at the University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany will help us break it down.

  1. Each volunteer completed a questionnaire discussing diet, hygiene routine, and exercise
  2. Saliva was collected several times from all the athletes after completing an exhausting run
  3. The researchers compared the athlete's saliva

The research showed that the more active athletes had a significantly higher rate of tooth enamel erosion.

The Main Causes of Dental Health Problems in Regards to Exercising:

Breathing with an Open Mouth

When an athlete or an individual is exercising, there is a good chance they are breathing with an open mouth.

Unfortunately, this tends to cause the mouth to be dry, which ultimately reduces saliva.

Saliva plays an important role is washing out foods, but it also keeps bacteria at bay.

Sugary Sports Drinks

Athletes may flock to sports drinks to gain electrolytes, which makes sense.

However, it is not uncommon for sports drinks to contain a significant amount of sugar.

So, while you may feel fueled during your work out, the sugar and acids in these sports drinks make athletes (especially those that exercise for long periods of time without flushing out with water) prone to tooth decay.

Positive Effects of Exercise on Your Teeth

Regular Exercise Prevents Gum Disease

Did you know that exercise can assist in preventing gum disease?

A study published in the Journal of Dentistry in 2005 found that regular exercise does do just that.

Active individuals who exercise at least three or more times per week are statistically 33% less likely to have gum disease.

Dental Health and BMI

Your overall health is heavily linked to the health of your mouth and teeth. Maintaining a healthy BMI is very helpful in keeping a happy mouth.

Being significantly overweight or obese often contribute to poor dental health.

Health issues associated with obesity like hypertension and diabetes are known for contributing to poor oral health.


Exercising and Keeping a Healthy Mouth

We absolutely are not trying to convince you to stray away from exercising.

Let's look at tips to keep your mouth healthy and your body toned!

  1. Drinking water: Bottled and tap water is fantastic for flushing your mouth out and keeping your body hydrated.
  2. Nose breathing: Instead of drying out your mouth, nasal breathing will protect your teeth. Also, your nose produces nitric oxide which can increase your lung's oxygen absorption! So breathing through your nose may help you down the home stretch of your next race.

Proper Hydration | Hylan Dental


Stay Fit and Prioritize Oral Hygiene

If you exercise, follow our tips, and keep a successful dental regimen, you will be in great shape!

Remember to brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and visit your Dentist twice a year for routine care.

If Physical and Dental Fitness matters to you, visit the best Cleveland Dentists at Hylan Dental. Not only do these experts care about your teeth, they care about nutrition, too!

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