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Dr. Hylan is a Cleveland holistic mercury-free dentist

Here is an example of an old corroded amalgam filling. Not only does this filling release small amounts of mercury vapor when you chew, but it is corroded. Composite fillings have no mercury and don’t corrode.

People are wary these days of health care, and they watch what is put into their bodies. Time after time we discover that there are subtle toxic effects to substances that are common in the environment.

Dr. Hylan shares your concerns, and he is particularly concerned about some of the filling materials that are used. Since 1840, the dental profession has been putting mercury-containing silver amalgam fillings in people. To be fair, the alternatives for many years were quite expensive. But that isn’t the case any more. There are composite filling materials that are relatively inexpensive. And while the American Dental Association has officially stated that amalgam fillings are safe, some people would still rather not take the chance when there are acceptable alternatives available.

Dr. Hylan is a mercury-free Cleveland dentist. Contact us if you have concerns about mercury-containing filling materials being used in your mouth. The alternative composite fillings bond to the teeth with a tight seal, cause less sensitivity when placed correctly, and are more esthetic besides.

Holistic Dentistry Concerns

Dr. Brad Hylan Cleveland Holistic Dentist

Some people are concerned about other materials that may be used in their mouths and have had Cliffords Material Reactivity Testing (CMRT) done. If you have these tests, bring in the results, and we will help insure that only materials with high biocompatibility are used in your mouth. To learn more about this, please visit our Clifford’s testing page.

Some are also concerned about mercury-removal procedures. It is very easy, in the process of removing old amalgam fillings, for you to ingest and inhale large amounts of mercury during and right after the procedure. We use hygienic mercury removal techniques where we isolate your teeth to prevent any swallowing of debris and we provide an alternate breathing source so you don’t inhale any of it. We also can use chelating agents to cleanse your system.

If you have concerns about mercury in your mouth and are looking for a holistic Cleveland dentist, give us a call at 855-876-6100 for new patients, or you can request an appointment online, by clicking on our request an appointment page.