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Hylan Dental accepts Cigna Dental insurance and has been working with them for decades.

Our experienced benefits coordinator will answer any insurance questions you may have and will file claims directly to Cigna on your behalf.

At Hylan Dental Care, we pride ourselves on using gentle techniques.

We understand that many individuals become anxious when visiting the dentist. So even if it has been awhile since you have had your teeth looked at, we won’t make you feel bad about it.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our cosmetic dentistry treatments or think you may be a candidate for dental implants or dentures, schedule your complimentary consultation today.

You may be surprised to learn that most dental insurance companies will help cover the costs involved with cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Call Hylan Dental today at 855-876-6100 or click on the link to learn more.

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Cigna Insurance Dental Care

Cleveland, Ohio

craig fisher

"I had a great experience with Hylan Dental. I had a tooth filled with no pain. I was treated with respect and the billing was affordable."