Cleveland Mercury-Free Dentist

Dr. Hylan is a Cleveland mercury-free dentist

Recent research suggests that when you chew on an amalgam filling like the one pictured, small amounts of mercury vapor are released into your mouth.

Many people don’t realize that traditional silver fillings are about 50% mercury. Many are concerned over this level of mercury, that it may leak into the body. Mercury is actually a highly toxic metal, and once it gets into the tissues of your body, it is difficult to remove it. Whether or not the mercury in fillings can get into your tissues is a subject of controversy in the dental profession, and many dentists insist that they are perfectly safe.

Dr. Hylan much prefers the white composite fillings. They don’t contain any mercury, and they bond to the tooth, making the tooth stronger rather than weaker the way amalgams do. So here at Hylan Dental Care, all of the fillings we place are mercury-free composites.

Having a Mercury-Free Mouth

If you have amalgam fillings, you may be concerned about having them removed. When they are drilled out, there is a lot of dust and debris created. This debris can be easily swallowed or breathed in.

To address these problems, Dr. Hylan uses a hygienic mercury-removal technique that isolates the teeth with a sealed rubber dam barrier, allows you to breathe oxygen through a tube so you don’t inhale any mercury vapors, and cleanses your system with chelating agents.

If you have concerns about mercury in your mouth and are looking for a mercury-free dentist, give us a call at 855-876-6100 for new patients, or you can request an appointment online, by clicking on our request an appointment page.