Are you missing several or all of your teeth and are looking for a full mouth Missing Tooth Solution?

Hylan Dental Care offers Regular Dentures at Affordable Prices.

We are exclusively offers Dentures at $499 off the total price for New Patients at our Cleveland office.

Find your brand new smile at an affordable price with Hylan Dental Care.

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Hylan Dental Care Dentures


At Hylan Dental Care in Cleveland, we don't just do dentures. We do beautiful dentures.

We work closely with you (and an experienced laboratory technician) to design a new smile that you will be proud to show off at every chance you get.

Our regular, removable dentures provide you functional false teeth that look and feel like natural teeth.

With Hylan Dental Care dentures, you can confidently order a steak dinner and flash a smile that doesn't need to be hidden.

At the end of the day, you will be able to remove your dentures and properly care for them so that they can last a lifetime.

We are offering New Cleveland Patients $499 off Dentures for a limited time, so don't delay - book your Denture visit now!

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Hylan Dental Care offers custom-fit and custom-made dentures so that you can have a smile that you are proud of.

Our dental team works hard to ensure that your dentures are properly fitted to your mouth for no slipping or shifting.

With proper oral hygiene care, your dentures can last a lifetime.

Replace your missing teeth today and Restore Your Smile at Hylan Dental Care.


Affordable Dentures



At Hylan Dental Care, we believe that high-quality dental work should not break the bank.

We try all that we can do to make our dental options affordable for our patients, which is why we offer Low Cost options, Affordable Dentistry payment plans, Insurance acceptance, and New Patients Deals.

Our $499 off Dentures for New Patients won't last long, so be sure to call in and schedule your appointment as soon as possible!


Natural looking dentures | Hylan Dental Care


Hylan Dental Care works closely with a laboratory technician who works on the final product.

Your dentures are produced with the utmost care and caution because we want your dentures to be something you want to show off.

The dentures we give our patients resemble natural teeth so closely with the look, feel, and function.

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