Dental Nitrous Oxide

nitrous_oxideDental nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is great for relaxing dental appointments.

If you’re anxious about dental appointments, or you’ve hard to get numb, you’ll find that nitrous oxide will take the edge off and help you relax, besides strengthening the novocain.

And one of the nice things about it is that, while it is an excellent sedative while you’re breathing it, since it is a gas, it wears off immediately at the end of the appointment. You breathe oxygen for a couple of minutes, and all the nitrous oxide comes out of your system. You can drive home, go back to work, or back to whatever else you need to.

If you’re interested in nitrous oxide sedation, ask us about it. Give us a call at 855-876-6100 for new patients , or you can request an appointment online, by clicking on our request an appointment page.