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Are you in Cleveland searching for a dentist to give you a Removable Partial Denture?

At Hylan Dental Care, we have been providing patients with the removable Missing Tooth Solution since 1979!

A removable partial denture is a great, cost-effective way to close the missing tooth gaps in your smile and not make your wallet or bank account hate you!

This removable treatment is available at our Cleveland office, so come visit us today!

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Our Cleveland Location

Where is Hylan Dental Care in Cleveland?

Hylan Dental Care is located at 3447 W 117th Street.

Address: 3447 W 117th St, Cleveland, OH 44111

Phone: (216) 251-8812


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*We also have 24-hour emergency dental services available. Please call our office if you are experiencing a dental emergency.


What is a Partial Denture?

A removable partial denture is often the most affordable way to replace a few missing teeth. The artificial teeth are set in a pink acrylic material that resembles the gums.

The most durable choice is a framework that is made of metal. It is custom-made to fit your teeth and the shape of your jawbone exactly, and it clasps securely to your existing teeth, but not so tightly that it can’t be removed.

A removable partial denture will protect your remaining teeth from drifting and being damaged, and will give you excellent comfort and function for many years.

Looking to replace more than just a few teeth? Check out our Full Dentures.

What are my options for an aesthetically-pleasing Partial Denture?

If the metal clasps would be in a position that they would show, there are ways to keep them hidden with precision attachment partials.

The pink, semi-translucent acrylic disappears in your mouth and makes it nearly impossible for others to tell that you are wearing replacement teeth.

How do I take care of my removable partial denture?

When you do have a removable partial denture, it is important that you keep your remaining teeth well-maintained. Find a private place to remove the partial and clean your teeth after each time you eat.

To maintain the integrity of your removable partial denture, follow all the aftercare instructions your Hylan Dental dentist gives you and continue practicing good oral hygiene habits, like brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once per day!

If you are missing teeth, we’d be happy to see you to determine the solution that is best for you! Give us a call now at (216) 251-8812.

What can I expect when I get a Removable Partial Denture?

When you first get your new partial denture, your bite may feel a little uncomfortable or awkward; this is 100% normal and will diminish over time as you get accustomed to wearing it.

Your Hylan Dental Care dentist will give you instructions on how to put in and remove your partial denture- be sure to follow these instructions exactly! The insertion and removal processes will require some practice before you get them down.

Do not try to get your dentures into place by biting down, as this could result in bending or breaking.

At first, your dentist may advise you to wear your removable partial denture all the time in order to get familiar and comfortable with wearing it, and this will change as your dentist gives you information on when to wear or remove it.

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