Cleveland Sleep Dentistry

If you are very anxious about receiving dental care, sleep dentistry may be your answer.

If you are very anxious about receiving dental care, sleep dentistry may be your answer.

At Hylan Dental Care we offer sleep dentistry.

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Many people have had some very difficult experiences with dental care—traumatic experiences that bring back painful memories whenever they get in a dental chair. If this is you, sleep dentistry could be your answer.

The clinical name for the technique is conscious sedation. You are conscious, meaning that you are actually awake and your protective reflexes are all functional. This is what makes it so safe. But you are sedated, so that if you let yourself go, you can fall asleep. Your memory is affected, so that some people don’t even remember their dental appointment.

The Sleep Dentistry Technique

You take a pill of a medication called Ativan or Lorazepam just before your dental appointment. You may also be given nitrous oxide gas once your dental appointment begins, to strengthen the sedative effect. You then become so relaxed and comfortable that you are indifferent to the dental treatment, unaware of the passage of time, and your memory of the appointment may be spotty or absent.

Your vital functions are carefully monitored during the appointment, just to be on the safe side.

Naturally, you would need someone to accompany you home, because you wouldn’t be in condition to drive.

Advantages of Sleep Dentistry

Not only does this help you overcome past traumatic dental experiences, but, if you need a lot of dental work, it is an excellent way to get a lot of treatment done at once. Ordinarily, a dental appointment of several hours would be very difficult to endure. When you are sedated, however, you become unaware of the passage of time and can remain comfortable for a long dental appointment.

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