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There are three principal smile design styles, and variations within those types.

It was Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans, a cosmetic dentist in New York City, who first developed this classification, which we explain here.

Whenever you have major work on your front teeth, we have the flexibility to incorporate your preferred smile design style. This would include dental bridges, porcelain veneers, dental implants, or dentures.

The Sexy Smile

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The Sexy Smile

What we call the sexy smile has central incisors that are significantly longer than the other front teeth.

Since the central incisors, when they first erupt into the mouth, are generally the longest front teeth and gradually wear down over time, we associate longer centrals with youth, boldness, warmth, and sex appeal.

The picture above is a sample of what we mean.

The Sophisticated Smile

Sophisticated Smile | Design Your Smile

Sophisticated Smile

As we get older, we tend to wear down the teeth to where they are more even. Thus, front teeth that are even in length all across are associated with a mature, sophisticated look.

People with this smile design tend to appear more intelligent and sophisticated.

The Sporty Smile

Sporty Smile Design | Types of Smiles

Sporty Smile

Between these two types, we have what is called the sporty smile.

This features central incisors that are only a little longer than the other front teeth. This creates an impression of casualness and informality, as you can see with the example.

Within each of these basic smile styles, there are variations in lengths and shapes of the teeth.

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Smile Design

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