Dental Sterilization

Here at Hylan Dental Care, we have stringent sterilization standards. Everything used in your mouth is either disposable, or it is run through a strict cleaning and autoclave regimen to be sure that there are no risks to you, the patient.

We follow and go beyond all the recommendations of The Centers of Disease Control & Prevention for sterilization and cleanliness. People sometimes ask us if they should keep their dental appointment if they have a communicable disease. While that is an individual decision that needs to be based in part on your own comfort level, as far as we are concerned, we treat everyone as if they had a contagious deadly disease. You see, germs are invisible and it is impossible to determine if any one person passing through our treatment is contagious or not. So we just assume you are contagious and then we know everyone is safe.

Autoclave Sterilization

Cleveland Dental SterilizationIt is one thing to use an autoclave. It is another to know for sure that it is working. To be sure, we test our autoclave weekly with a spore test. We run a sample of difficult-to-kill heat-resistant spores through the autoclave and send it to a testing laboratory to verify that it is working. After years of doing this, we’ve never had a test come up anything less than a 100 percent kill. But we keep testing, because it’s important to be absolutely sure.

Our Sterilization Protocol

We use disposables wherever possible. Dental drills, root canal files, suction tips, and many other items used during your dental appointment are all discarded after one use. This absolutely prevents any cross-contamination.

Those items that are used in your mouth that are not disposable are subjected to a rigorous sterilization routine. First, they are manually scrubbed. Then they are cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Finally, they are sterilized in an autoclave.

Other Cleanliness Issues

We of course wear gloves and masks during all patient treatment. In addition, we cover the surfaces we touch during your treatment with disposable plastic coverings. Larger surfaces are sprayed after each patient with a strong disinfectant which is allowed to sit for a period of time and then is wiped clean.

We leave nothing to chance.

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